Our Solutions

Laboratory Management System

RISS Technologies presents the most efficient and user friendly Laboratory Management System, “NuLab”.

NuLab includes 4 kinds of users Hospital/LAB Administrator, Physician, Representitive and Patient/Clients. All these 4 users have a complete dynamic roles in this system. And the system is capable to communicate with the lab equipments like centaur xp-r and diamension rxl max-r. Soon we are planning to launch android and iOS apps for NuLab.

Small & Medium Enterprises Management System

SME-amigo is the best solutions for managing Small or Medium sized enterprises, helps to cost-cut on business.

We added features like Accounting, Front Office Desk Managing, Manage Services, User Management etc. SMe-amigo is fully online and multi user support with user hierarchy. The system will help the enterprises effectively cost cut on their business

Online Store Management System – E-Commerce

We will set up a good Ecommerce business website and mobile app that will add some profit.

The need for ecommerce solutions are increasing like never before. As online shopping is getting very popular these days, it is a major necessity for companies to set up a good ecommerce site. We are offering comprehensive ecommerce solutions to meet the current requirements in this field.